Avşa is a district of Balıkesir province in the Marmara region. Avşa is an island in the Marmara Sea. Avşa has no land connection to the island as the preferred holiday destination. 11 km from center of town, is 155 km from the provincial center. Avşa Island or Türkeli is a Turkish island in the southern Sea of Marmara with an area of about 14 square miles. Inthe archipelagos in terms of fields which occupies, Avşa Island of Marmara and then come Pasalimani Island. The length of 9 km and a width of 4 kilometers. Besides, Transportation is provided in an easy way by sea from Istanbul, Balıkesir and Tekirdag to Avşa Island. If you want to transport from Tekirdağ and Balıkesir to Avşa, you can come by car to the island with ferry. If you do not want to come by car to the island, you can opt for the sea bus transportation. Minibuses and taxis opportunities allowed you to reach all the bays and beached in the island are waiting for you. Large and small 25 bays and beaches is available to ready to discover the surrounding island. There are the most popular beaches in Avşa Island that need to go as Avşa beach, Altinkum beach, Tavşanlı bay, Çınar bay, Karadut bay, Kumtur bay, Atanaş bay and Yiğitler beach. Beaches and facilities located at all the bays of the island offers all the beauty in order to help you to take the edge off your stress. Avşa Island has a wide range to stay with natural beaches, unique fine sand and self-cleaning sea. When you take the first step to Avşa Island, you will witness the unique freshness of the seafood. While charming with food culture, wine becoming to fresh seafood are also very famous. All facilities is available in Avşa Island like large and comfortable hotels, boarding houses, affordable prices and house for rent(optional). Avşa is not only beautiful in the morning and afternoon but also great evening. Colorful summer evenings is waiting for you with 3 big disco in Avşa Island. Bars, folk houses and cafes has unlimited life music are enjoyed vacationers life to the full until morning. If you want to have an enjoyable holiday according to your budget, we are waiting you for unique and refreshing atmosphere in Avşa Island. İlgili Konular : Avşa Adası - Avşa Adası sezonu - Avşa Doğa Sporları - Avşa Mahallesi - Avşa Adası Otelleri - Yiğitler Köyü - Avşa Adası Ekonomi - Avşa Adası coğrafya - Avşa Adası İklimi - Avşa Adası Tarihi - Avşa Adası Yapmadan Dönme - Avşa Deniz - Avşa Adası Resimleri